How to Grow Sudex Grass

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Things You'll Need

  • 40 to 50 lbs. Sudex seeds per acre

  • Lawn roller

  • Water

  • Lawn mower

Seed sudex at a high rate to suppress weeds naturally.

Sudex or sudax is an annual summer grass and a sorghum-sudan grass hybrid. It has a number of agricultural uses: as forage, nematode and weed suppressant, organic fuel, soil amendment and as a plant that attracts beneficial insects. Sudex grows in tropical climates. In Hawaii, for instance, farmers use it widely as green manure to provide nitrogen to the soil. Sudex seeds are inexpensive and they germinate quickly, with plants maturing within two months.


Step 1

Grow sudex in acidic to alkaline environments, in soil with a pH level between 5.5 and 8.3. Submit a soil sample to your cooperative extension office to get its pH determined. If your topsoil is too acidic, you'll get information on the proper amount of lime you need to apply to raise the pH.


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Step 2

Plant sudex seeds in tropical climates or in regions where summer temperatures consistently reach and pass the 90-degree-Fahrenheit mark. In the tropics, sudex grows year-round.

Step 3

Broadcast sudex seeds with a spreader at the rate of 40 to 50 pounds per acre. Use the higher rate to raise a dense grass crop to choke weeds. Run a lawn roller over the seeds to create adequate contact between them and the soil.


Step 4

Irrigate the seedbed to a depth of 4 inches, keeping the soil moist through germination. Water the seeds two to three times a day to stay ahead of the drying heat. Established sudex tolerates drought.

Step 5

Start mowing when the plants reach 3 feet in height to prevent them from developing into tall, hard-to-cut woody plants. Uncultivated sudex grass grows to 12 feet.



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