How to Throw a Lake Party

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Things You'll Need

  • Towels

  • Selection of sun block

  • Assortment of bottled beverages

  • Several ice-filled coolers

  • Party cups

  • Snack food

  • Lawn chairs

  • Beach umbrellas

  • Lifeguard schedule

  • Beach toys

  • Non-motored watercraft

  • Life jackets

  • Motorboat

  • Fishing tackle

  • Water skis

  • Barbecue grill

  • Assortment of grilling meats

  • Disposable dinnerware

  • Condiments

  • Assortment of cold salads

  • Firewood

  • Roasting sticks

  • Marshmallows

Get guests out on the water by providing a selection of non-motored watercraft at the party.

While pool parties offer guests plenty of refreshing summer fun, too many guests attempting to swim in a confined space can quickly get overcrowded. Limited options, aside from swimming, might even result in the event wrapping up early. Lake celebrations on private beaches at summer cabins offer plenty of space, plus the added benefit of watercraft activities to provide both relaxing and adrenaline-rush fun all-day long. Rent a cabin at a private resort for a weekend or reserve one for the whole summer to throw weekend lake bashes.


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Step 1

Designate gender-specific changing rooms in the cabins for guests to switch between swimwear and summer clothes. Supply an assortment of towels in each room for the guests. Replenish the supply throughout the day. Also place a selection of sun block in each room.

Step 2

Set up a drinks station in a shaded area, such as a screened porch. Supply a wide assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, including plenty of water to ensure that guests keep hydrated under the hot sun. Keep the bottled beverages cool in several of the ice coolers, while keeping one as an ice-only chest for guests who would rather drink their beverages over ice. Set out a variety of snack foods, such as chips, pretzels and vegetable trays, near the beverage station.


Step 3

Place an assortment of lawn chairs and beach umbrellas at the guests' disposal on the beach. Set up one lawn chair and beach umbrella in a prominent location that has a clear view of the lakefront to serve as a lifeguard station. Ask experienced adult swimmers to sign up on the lifeguard schedule to take a shift throughout the event.

Step 4

Provide a selection of beach toys for the kids, such as buckets, shovels and inner tubes. Also have a selection of non-motored watercraft, such as canoes, kayaks and paddle boats for the guests. Be sure to provide life jackets for guests when they board any watercraft or swim out in deep water.


Step 5

Schedule several motor boat excursions, such as water skiing, fishing or simply taking a nature cruise along the lakeshore. Be sure every guest wears a life jacket.

Step 6

Get out the barbecue grill and cook meats such as chicken, steaks and hot dogs as the sun begins to set. Set out disposable dinnerware, cold salads and condiments.

Step 7

Start a beach fire in a designated pit. Supply the guests with access to roasting sticks, marshmallows and any leftover meats for guests who are still hungry to cook up over the open flames.


If you don’t have access to a private beach, be sure to bring along decorations, such as balloons or streamers, to denote the party area for the guests.


The vast area and depth of a lake party raises the risk of a drowning accident, especially at parties where alcohol is served. Be sure to designate several adults with safety training to remain sober during the event. Also have a cell phone and emergency numbers on hand in case of an accident.