How to Keep Little Bugs Out of My Bathroom Lights

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Things You'll Need

  • Bathroom cleaner

  • Disinfectant

  • Essential oils

Bathrooms are prone to insect infestation, especially in lighting fixtures.

Stepping into a dark bathroom and turning on the light to find a collection of little insects dwelling inside the light fixture can be a very unsettling experience. Not only does this suggest that the room is unsanitary, it can be unnerving to those who have a fear of these creepy crawlies. Keeping out little bugs, from ants to roaches or even worms, is essential to maintaining a clean, inviting bathroom space for you and your guests.


Step 1

Identify the bugs living in the space. This will help you determine the best way to get rid of them. Many insects have been known to find their way inside bathroom lighting features, such as ants, flies, moths, roaches and beetles.

Step 2

Remove the lighting feature cover. Generally, bugs gather in the cover or shade protecting the light bulb. This becomes very noticeable when the bulb is lit and the insects are silhouetted in the shade. If the insects have been in there for some time, it is likely they are dead. Dispose of the insect remains and clean out the cover.


Step 3

Try to determine where the bugs are entering. Check the bathroom thoroughly. The bugs could be entering through a hole in a wall or ceiling, an exposed plumbing fixture, an open window, through the flooring, or some other entrance point. When you find out how the bugs are getting in, clean and disinfect the area before sealing it to prevent more from entering.

Step 4

Keep the lights off in the bathroom when it is not in use. Some insects, such as moths, are drawn to the light of bathroom fixtures. Keeping the room dark at night when not in use will reduce the number of insects seeking refuge in your bathroom lamps.


Step 5

Create a repellent from essential oils to keep bugs away. Bugs are deterred by the smell of citrus, lavender, tea tree oil and jojoba oil. Citronella oil is another powerful insect deterrent. Mix these together, and spread a few drops on a diffuser ring. Place the ring on the light bulb or in the fixture to disperse the scent through the room. This has the added benefit of freshening your bathroom naturally.