How to Make and Sell Gold Teeth

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Things You'll Need

  • Impression tray

  • Impression putty

  • Dental cement

  • Mixing bowl

  • Vibrating alginator

  • File

  • Torch

  • Metal (tin or aluminum)

  • Gold

  • Metal forceps

  • Insulated gloves

Gold teeth can turn a white smile into a bright one.

Gold teeth (or grills) can provide you with a stylish, glittering smile but getting them custom-made by a jeweler is often exorbitantly expensive. However, with some effort you can make your own golden grills, both for yourself and for others. Because of the luxurious nature of gold teeth, you can also make a significant amount of money in their sale. With a little start-up capital and the willingness to market yourself as a craftsman, you too can profit from the popularity of grills.


Making Gold Teeth

Step 1

Mix equal parts of the base and catalyst of the impression putty and knead them together until they are fully blended. Form a log of the putty and line the edge of the impression tray.


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Step 2

Put the impression tray into the mouth of the person for whom you are making the teeth. Have this individual bite down on the putty, holding their mouth shut for at least five minutes.

Step 3

Mix the dental cement with water and stir. Continue adding water and stirring until the cement has reached a pudding-like consistency.


Step 4

Place the mouth impression on the alginator and fill it with cement. Set the alginator to vibrate: this will remove any bubbles from the cement.

Step 5

Set the impressions aside to dry. Let them sit for at least a day. This will ensure that they have solidified completely.


Step 6

Remove the cement from the impressions. If you intend to only make partial sections of gold teeth, file away the cement teeth that you do not wish to cast.

Step 7

Heat the tin or aluminum with the torch until it approaches a fluid consistency. Cover the plaster casts of the teeth with the metal, be sure it does not cover anything below the gum line. Wait for this metal to harden, then repeat the process, this time covering the metal with gold.


Step 8

Remove the gold teeth from the plaster cast. Have your client try them on to ensure they are comfortable.

Selling Your Gold Teeth

Step 1

Advertise your business. If you intend to make teeth for individuals in your community, place your advertisements in local papers or take out on-line advertising space on websites specifically geared towards members of that community. Facebook, for example, will offer advertising space directed towards individuals in specific towns and zip codes.


Step 2

Set your business up in a secure location. Be sure to keep most of your gold supplies locked up and do not work out of your own home. Renting a small storefront will provide you with a noticeable and secure location.

Step 3

Find alternative means for selling your product. You may also contact clients through the internet, mail impression trays to them, and have them send you back their completed impressions.


Step 4

Sell your gold teeth to scrap gold services. You may not turn a large profit on these sales but with some investigation you can find a service that will provide you with adequate compensation for your efforts.


Be sure to find an impression tray that fits the teeth you are molding. If you intend on making teeth for multiple people, you may wish to purchase multiple sizes of trays.

It will take several tries for you to make teeth of the proper thickness and consistency. You can always melt unsatisfactory attempts and re-cast the teeth.


Be sure to inform your clients not to swallow the impression putty as it could be toxic. In addition, tell them to breathe through their nose so they do not gag on the putty's noxious scent.

Be careful when removing the impression tray from your client's mouth as the putty may stick to their teeth. Place your fingers in the corners of their mouth first as this will release the tray's suction.

Be cautious when handling hot metal. Wear insulated gloves and use metal forceps to handle it.



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