How to Change a Drive Belt in a Sears Lt1000

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Without a properly working drive belt, a Sears Craftsman LT1000 lawn tractor won't cut grass.

The transmission drive belt on a Sears Craftsman LT1000 lawn tractor runs around a pulley connected to the engine and then through a series of pulleys designed to move the tractor forward and backwards over your lawn. If the belt is broken, your mower will not move. In most instances, no tools are needed for this job. Replacement belts are available at most Sears stores and other hardware retailers.


Step 1

Park the tractor on a level surface and block the wheels so the unit will not move. Turn off the ignition to avoid accidental start-up. Place the mowing deck in its lowest cutting position.

Step 2

Viewing from the left side of the tractor, identify the two idler pulleys located between the top of the mowing deck and the bottom of the tractor. Remove the belt from these pulleys.

Step 3

Loop the old belt from around the rear axle pulley located between the rear tires of the tractor. Working from the right side of the tractor, remove the belt from the remaining two pulleys and discard it.


Step 4

Install the new belt starting at the rear axle pulley. Working from the left side of the tractor, lace the new belt around the two idler pulleys. Move to the right side and loop the belt around the pulleys on this side of the mower.

Step 5

Check the tension of the belt. It should only move about a finger's width when pushed. Move the mowing deck into a non-mowing position and test the drive belt to make sure the tractor will move forward and back.