How to Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper

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Things You'll Need

  • Sponge

  • Glue syringe

  • Professional painter's tape

  • Drop cloths

  • Roller frame

  • 1/2-inch nap roller cover

  • Flat latex paint

  • Nylon paintbrush

  • Satin latex paint

Prepare the wallpaper with two coats of flat latex paint.

Grasscloth wallpaper is composed of woven fabric made with grass and vegetable fibers. Dull, uneven spots tend to appear throughout the finish when inexperienced painters try to paint this material. Because grasscloth wallpaper is loosely woven, it tends to absorb large amounts of paint. This leads to uneven absorption and unattractive results. Learn the proper way to paint your grasscloth wallpaper, or the finish will dry unevenly.


Step 1

Inject glue into bubbling areas of the grasscloth wallpaper, using a glue syringe. Smooth each bubbling area, pressing it firmly against the wall for 20 seconds. Allow the glue to dry for one hour.

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Step 2

Wipe the grasscloth wallpaper down, using a damp sponge. This will eliminate dust that would discourage paint adhesion. Let the wallpaper dry for one hour.

Step 3

Tape any areas near enough to the grasscloth wallpaper to need protection. Position drop cloths below the wallpaper.

Step 4

Apply two coats of flat latex paint to the grasscloth wallpaper, using a roller. Move the roller vertically across the wallpaper, proceeding left to right. Allow the first coat of flat paint to dry for two hours before applying the second. Use a paintbrush to prime areas of the grasscloth wallpaper that are inaccessible to the roller. Let the wallpaper dry for two hours.


Step 5

Clean the roller by washing it.

Step 6

Apply the finish coat to the grasscloth wallpaper, using the same method used to prime it. Satin latex paint will provide the most attractive result.


The two pre-coats of flat latex paint act as a primer for the grasscloth wallpaper. Although it may seem like a nuisance, apply both of these coats, or the finish may dry unevenly.


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