How to Make a Dopey Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Large plastic ears

  • Long-sleeve green shirt

  • Brown pants

  • Belt with buckle

  • Knitted hat

  • Brown leather shoes

Dopey is a one of Snow White's seven dwarfs, and is recognized by his oversize ears and baggy clothes. You could dress up as this character for a fancy dress party and even join up with other people so that you can represent all seven of the dwarfs. The costume is easy to make, although you may find it helpful to go to secondhand stores to find any items you do not already have in your wardrobe.


Step 1

Look at a picture of Dopey online or in an illustrated copy of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." This will give you an idea of the costume you are aiming to create.

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Step 2

Collect the items of clothing required for the costume. Find a long-sleeve green shirt that reaches down to your knees if possible, and make sure that the knitted hat is baggy.


Step 3

Rummage at secondhand stores, or ask friends for any items you cannot find. Look for large plastic ears at a store or online. Many online stores sell oversize, Dopey-style ears.

Step 4

Put on the brown pants. It does not matter if these are too big for you, as Dopey is renowned for wearing large clothes.


Step 5

Wear the long-sleeve green shirt, and make sure you button it. If the shirt buttons all the way up to the collar, leave the top three buttons undone.

Step 6

Wrap the belt around your waist. Keep the shirt over the top of the pants, but pull it out slightly so that it is not fully tucked into the belt. Check that the belt buckle is positioned centrally on your body.


Step 7

Place the baggy knitted hat on your head. Traditionally Dopey wears a pink or purple hat; however, if you are struggling to find this color, just use any bright color. Alternatively, dye the hat using a purple fabric dye. Position it so that is sags at the back of your head.

Step 8

Attach the large plastic ears to your head. Place them so that they stick out and are clearly visible. Put them on the outside of the hat so that they are not hidden. Once you have put them on, wriggle your head slightly to check that they are secure.


Step 9

Place the brown shoes on your feet and fasten them. Keep smiling to complete the Dopey costume, as Dopey is usually pictured with a large grin.


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