How to Make a Gyro Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Carousel rotisserie

  • Clippers

  • Aluminum foil

  • Cardboard

  • Scissors

Make your own gyro machine and enjoy delicious meals.

You often see delicious food, with mouthwatering aromas, on large skewers in the marketplace or at restaurants. These large skewers are called gyro machines, which cook the meat and keep it heated until it is placed into the soft bread of a pita or a taco. Gyro machines may not easily be available at local stores. You can prepare your food at home or set up your own food business by beginning with building your very own gyro machine. Save money and build your own machine by following these steps.


Step 1

Purchase a carousel rotisserie. Remove the basket located below the stand of the carousel and let only the metal wires remain at the bottom. You may remove the basket using a pair of clippers, as the wires of the basket may be hard to cut with scissors.

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Step 2

Determine the space required for the floor of the gyro machine. Do this by measuring the space with cardboard Mark the dimensions of the round surface of the machine on the cardboard. Cut out the round circle of cardboard with scissors. Make sure that you make the shape perfectly round. Cut a small circle in between the round circle to place the stand for the meat in.

Step 3

Cover your circle or the base of the machine in several layers of aluminum foil. Ensure that your base is completely covered in foil — otherwise, it may get burned when you start cooking meat. Cover the long stand in foil as well.

Step 4

Place the stand in the center of the base where you have cut a hole for it. Screw the stand in place. Ensure that it is not flimsy, so it won't collapse once meat is placed on it.


Step 5

Stack the meat onto the stand/ stick of the rotisserie and then switch the rotisserie on. Cook the meat and then enjoy eating it, because you have changed the carousel rotisserie into your own gyro machine.


Do not over stack meat onto the stand, as it can get off-balance.

This gyro machine may not cook as fast as professionally made gyro machines but if you have made it correctly, it will work.

To remove the meat from the stand, simply pull the stand out of the machine when the machine is switched off.


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