How to Use an Aroma Rice Cooker & Steamer

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Use an Aroma rice cooker to cook rice and steam vegetables.
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Even the best cooks may have trouble cooking perfect rice. The Aroma rice cooker and steamer takes the guesswork out of it, and can cook up to 10 cups of white rice or its healthier "cousin," brown rice. In addition, you can use your Aroma to steam your favorite vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, peas and broccoli. Steaming foods or making rice with the Aroma cooker will free up time in the kitchen and allow you to attend to other activities.


Cooking Perfect Rice

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Step 1: Open the Rice Cooker

Press the "Lid Release" button on the top of the Aroma rice cooker to open the device. Make sure it's not plugged in to a power source.

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Step 2: Remove the Pot

Remove the inner pot from the Aroma cooker.

Step 3: Measure the Rice

Measure a specific amount of rice (e.g., one or two cups) with the provided measuring cup, and pour it into the inner pot. Follow the directions on the box or bag of rice with respect to the right amount of rice to cook, depending on the number of people you're feeding.

Step 4: Rinse the Rice

Rinse the rice inside the inner pot with water until the water becomes fairly clear. Drain all water from the pot.


Step 5: Add the Water

Add the appropriate amount of water to the inner pot using the measuring cup. For example, for two cups of rice, add 2 1/2 cups of water. The water line inside the pot should reach Line 2. If cooking wild or brown rice, add an additional 3/4 cup of water over what's required for cooking white rice. For softer rice, add more water.


Step 6: Close the Lid

Replace the inner pot and snap the lid closed. Plug the Aroma cooker's power cord into the power outlet.

Step 7: Start the Aroma Rice Cooker

Press either the "White Rice" or "Brown Rice" button, depending on the type of rice you're cooking. The cooking process will begin immediately, and when it's complete, "Keep-Warm" will be displayed on the control panel. Allow the rice to remain on "Keep-Warm" for five to 10 minutes, then open the Aroma lid and spoon the rice out of the inner pot.



The measuring cup included with your Aroma rice cooker is not "one cup." It is 180 mL or 3/4 cup. If you lose the rice cooker measuring cup, just pull out your kitchen measuring cups and use the 3/4 size cup.

Steaming Your Vegetables

Step 1: Measure the Water

Add water to the inner pot of the Aroma cooker using the measuring cup. The amount of water varies per vegetable. For example, to steam asparagus, peas, spinach, squash and zucchini, add 1/2 cup of water. To steam cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, corn and green beans, add one cup of water.


Step 2: Add the Vegetables

Put the steam tray inside the Aroma cooker and place the vegetables into it.

Step 3: Program the Aroma Rice Cooker

Press the "Steam/Cook" button on the Aroma control panel. The cooker will begin to steam the vegetables. When steaming is complete, "Keep-Warm" will display on the machine. Since different vegetables steam over different periods of time, and some people like their veggies crisper than others, you may want to experiment with your steaming time.

Step 4: Serve the Steamed Vegetables

Remove the steamed vegetables immediately after steaming is complete. Serve while hot or chill and serve with your favorite sauce.



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