How to Tie a Curtain Tassel

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Things You'll Need

  • String

  • Pencil

  • Cup hook

  • Curtain ties with tassels

A cup hook is not required for some unusual curtain arrangements.

Draw your curtains up and back with tiebacks that end in pretty tassels, but tie them correctly so that they are a beautiful accent to your curtains and not a messy distraction. Add elegance to solid damask drapes with heavy tiebacks woven from two colors of thread. Tassels for a formal room can be accented with crystal beads. You can use solid-colored tassels with wooden tops for the plaid drapes in a den. They will add interest without looking fussy or formal.


Step 1

Tie a string around your curtains to determine the desired position of the tiebacks. Light-weight string will not slip down the curtains as the heavier curtain tie will. Adjust the height of the string until it is pleasing.

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Step 2

Mark the position of the string on the inside of the window frame with a small pencil mark.


Step 3

Install a cup hook on the inside of the window frame at the mark. Usually you can screw a cup hook in by hand or using a pair of pliers without needing to make a starter hole.

Step 4

Fold the tieback in half and hang the center of the tieback on the hook.


Step 5

Wrap the tieback around to the front of the curtain and tie a square knot near the inside edge, wrapping the left side over the right side and then the new right side over the left side. Be sure both tasseled ends are visible on the front of the curtain. Remove the string.


If you have trouble screwing in the cup hook, drill a pilot hole with a small drill bit.


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