How to Display a PPT on a Digital Photo Frame

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • USB cable or flash drive

Digital photo frames offer a handy way to display photos of your loved ones, but can be used as a presentation prep tool in a pinch. Once you take advantage of PowerPoint's ability to convert PowerPoint (PPT) files into image files, getting that PPT to play on your photo frame is just like adding any other image file. This process takes a few minutes, and you'll need to be familiar with the user guide for your photo frame beforehand.


Step 1

Turn on your computer and open up your PowerPoint program from the "Start" menu. Wait for the program to open, then click on "File" then "Open," and browse for the PowerPoint file you want to display digitally.

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Step 2

Review all slides in the PowerPoint and make any changes, since you won't be able to change the slide presentation from the digital photo frame. When you're happy with the product, click "File," then "Save As."

Step 3

Choose the format "JPEG" under "Save As" options, and give your presentation a name. For example, "Slideshow." Save it to your computer's desktop or a similar location you'll find easily.

Step 4

Read over the instructions on your digital photo frame so you understand how to add files to the frame. The basic process should be similar, though different models have slightly different wording and formatting.


Step 5

Connect your digital photo frame to your computer using a USB cord, since this allows you to transfer the presentation to the frame quickly. Wait for the device to pop up on your desktop, which means it's connected.

Alternatively, plug a flash drive into your computer and wait for it to load.


Step 6

Click on the icon for your PowerPoint, which should now have a ".jpg" extension since you saved it as a JPEG. For example, "Slideshow.jpg" will be the JPEG version of your earlier PowerPoint "Slideshow." Drag the icon into the digital photo frame to copy your presentation to the frame.


If you're using a flash drive instead, load the presentation onto the flash drive in the same manner.

Step 7

Disconnect the digital picture frame or the flash drive from your computer by right-clicking it with the mouse and selecting the disconnect option. When the device disappears from the desktop, unplug the USB cable and disconnect your frame.


If you used a flash drive, plug the flash drive into the digital picture frame now, then transfer the file to the frame using the model-specific instructions found in your manual. Once you've transferred it, disconnect the flash drive.

Step 8

Follow the instructions in your manual to select the presentation to display on the frame. For example, select "File" then "Slideshow.jpg" to get the PowerPoint file to play as a slideshow using the Edge digital picture frame.


If you don't have a USB capacity or a flash drive for the frame there are other ways to do it, including email, Bluetooth and via wireless network.


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