How to Make a Diaper Cake Train

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Things You'll Need

  • 37 diapers (size 1)

  • 2 thermal blankets

  • Cotton receiving blanket

  • Onesie (0-3 months)

  • 1/2 inch ribbon

  • Bottle nipple

  • Fake flowers and baby items like pacifiers (optional)

  • Rectangular base board

  • Hot glue gun

  • Safety pins

A diaper cake is a popular baby shower gift because it makes an adorable decoration and includes a lot of useful items, like diapers and baby clothes, for the expectant mother. There are simple, tiered designs for diaper cakes or you can make a diaper cake shaped like a train. Remember that the look of the diaper cake is completely up to you, so select ribbon, diaper colors and clothes that match the decor of the baby shower. After you build the basic cake, you can add any toys or other decorations.


Step 1

Purchase the items for the diaper cake based on the decor of the baby shower. Remember, every piece will be used by the parents.

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Step 2

Roll nine of the diapers into three long tubes by stacking three on top of each other and wrapping the edges together. Wrap them in ribbon to secure the tubes. You can either tie a bow or dab a small amount of hot glue onto the ribbon ends to hold them together, but do not get any on the diapers.


Step 3

Place the diaper tubes on the board side-by-side next to each other; these will serve as the wheels for the train. Use a dab of hot glue on the ribbon to secure the wheels to the board. Poke flowers in the end of the tubes if you wish for added decoration.


Step 4

Spread the receiving blanket on the ground and place eight diapers in four stacks of two next to each other onto the blanket. You will want the long sides of the diaper stacks to be touching. Fold the blanket around the diapers, and this will create a main board to set on top of the wheels. Wrap two pieces of ribbon around the board, and if needed use a small amount of hot glue or a safety pin to secure the board to the wheels.



Step 5

Roll nine diapers together into one big tube for the front of the train. Stack the six diapers on top of each other, and wrap a thermal blanket around the outside of them to form the rounded tube. Place the tube on top of the board, with one end to the front of the train. Poke a fake flower into the front of the tube for added decoration.


Step 6

Wrap two pieces of ribbon from one side of the board, up over the tube and to the other side. Secure the four ends to the main board using safety pins.


Step 7

Build the back portion of the train by stacking 12 diapers on top of each other. Put the stack in the onesie, and then wrap the top of the stack with the thermal blanket. This will form a rectangle with the onesie design visible from the front and back, and the blanket visible from the sides and top. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the stack to secure.


Step 8

Place the stack on the back of the main board and secure with a small amount of hot glue on the ribbons.

Step 9

Decorate the train using a bottle nipple on the top for the smokestack and add any bows or toys you like. You can keep the cake as simple or as decorative as you like.


You can increase the size of the cake by adding more diapers; just make sure that the number stays proportional. This project could take practice to master.


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