How to Get Rid of an Old Recliner

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Odors can make old recliners the worst seat in the house.

An old, worn-out or broken recliner may no longer be usable or its out-of-date or damaged upholstery may make it look out of place in a living room. There are a few different ways to get rid of an unwanted recliner. Used recliners that are still operational can be cleaned or recovered to enjoy a new life in another home. Get rid of an old recliner to make way for a new one.


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Step 1

Evaluate the condition of the recliner. Badly damaged, burnt and broken recliners are generally thrown in the trash. Small tears and stains on an otherwise operational recliner make it a candidate for repair and reuse.

Step 2

List the old recliner in free online or print classified ads. Add photos or a detailed description and an asking price to the listing. List an old recliner you do not want money for as a free item, as long as the recipient is willing to come pick it up.


Step 3

Call charity thrift stores in the local area to see if they are interested in the old recliner. Many national charities organizations have location search engines on their homepage (see Resources). Ask if they are able to schedule a pickup.

Step 4

Contact your local waste disposal company to find out the policy on curbside pickup of an unusable recliner. Some companies have weight charges that apply to any items left outside the bin. Call the city dump to find out disposal charges to compare cost options.


Step 5

Prepare the old recliner for delivery to the chosen destination. Remove bolts holding the upper and lower halves of the recliner together for easier transport.


Place any removed bolts in a plastic bag and include them with the recliner if it is headed to a thrift store or a new owner.

Search the recliner cushions for change, remote controls and other items before it is given away.

Private junk removal companies will remove old recliners but they are often the most expensive of all options.


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