How Do Electronic Safe Locks Work?

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An electronic safe

Electronic safes work by entering a predetermined code on a keypad, which triggers the locking mechanism to open. They work on the same principal as combination lock safes, but make it easier and quicker to enter the code.



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Electronic safes vary, depending on the type and brand purchased. General features include an electronic keypad for entering a digital code to open the safe, and a backup battery in case of an electricity failure.

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Electronic safes can be considered more secure then standard key-entry safes as there is no physical key that can be stolen or lost. The safe's security code can be changed, making it beneficial for companies that have high employee turnover and need to reset the code on a regular basis.



Electronic safe backup batteries can eventually fail, either allowing the safe to be accessed by anyone, or permanently locking the safe until power is restored. Safe combinations can easily be forgotten, making the safe inoperable.



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