How to Paint on a Leaf

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Things You'll Need

  • Leaf

  • Heavy book

  • Small Paint brush

  • Hand dryer

  • Hot glue gun

  • Paper

  • Acrylic paint

  • Spray fixative

  • Shadow box frame

Painting a leaf provides a creative design using nature.

People who enjoy painting like to find creative ways to express their passion. Instead of painting on a normal canvas, painters sometimes look for unique objects to paint on. Observing nature, especially in the fall, a painter can take a simple leaf and create a stunning backdrop for a painting project. Utilizing the leaf's texture and shape, any amateur artist can fashion a fun and beautiful painting to share with others.


Step 1

Find a leaf still attached to a tree. Maple, Oak or any broad-based leaf will work well. Find a leaf that is changing colors but is not too dried out.

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Step 2

Press the leaf inside a heavy book. Leave it overnight.

Step 3

Remove the leaf from the book and brush off any dust particles, pollen or debris with a dry paint brush. Blow any remaining dust off the leaf with a hand dryer on the lowest setting.

Step 4

Hot glue the front side of the leaf to a piece of paper canvas. The front side of the leaf feels smooth to the touch, while the back side features the veins and lines of the leaf.


Step 5

Paint the leaf using acrylic paint and a small paint brush. Choose colors that contrast well with the color of your leaf.

Step 6

Spray the leaf after painting with a fixative to preserve the paint. The fixative also maintains the leaf's color.


You can paint the entire leaf and then use it as a stamp by pressing the freshly painted leaf on another piece of paper. Frame your leaf painting with a shadow box frame. The box frame gives the leaf painting depth.


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