How to Make a Roach Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Brown felt

  • Scissors

  • Black pipe cleaners

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Brown beanie hat

  • Black tube socks

  • Cloth stuffing

  • Two wire hangers

  • Two pairs of brown mittens or gloves

  • Brown shoes

  • Brown pants

  • Brown long sleeve shirt

  • Safety pins

Roaches come in many different sizes and shapes. Most roaches are brown, reddish or black and have six legs. The roaches have long, thin antennae that they use to feel and sense objects. Some children or adults may love the chance to become a disgusting roach for Halloween or some other costume party. You can make an effective roach costume from a few household supplies and some felt from a craft store.


Step 1

Cut out two leaf-shaped pieces from the brown fabric large enough to reach from just under the neck to the knees.

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Step 2

Sew pipe cleaners in a zig zag pattern horizontally across the leaf shapes every 6 inches from the top to the bottom. Sew two pipe cleaners to the top of the beanie hat for antennae.

Step 3

Stuff the socks with stuffing. Straighten a wire hanger and stuff it inside the sock to keep the leg stiff. Repeat for the other sock. Stuff one pair of gloves or mittens with stuffing and stick the remaining end of the hanger inside the glove. Sew the glove to the end of the sock. Sew the other ends of the socks to the sides of the brown shirt about 12 inches down from the arm holes.


Step 4

Put on the brown shirt and pants. Put on the brown shoes. Attach the leaf shapes to the front and back of the body to make the torso of the roach. Pin the shapes at the shoulders with safety pins. Put the brown mittens over your hands. Put on the beanie hat.


If desired, you can wrap more pipe cleaners around the arms and legs of the roach to give the arms and legs a little more texture.


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