Instructions for a Canon T-Shirt Transfer

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Things You'll Need

  • Canon iron-on T-Shirt transfer kit

  • Computer

  • Photoshop or other imaging software

  • Iron

  • Iron-on transfer paper

  • Scissors

  • Printer

Iron-on T-shirt transfers can also be used to print company uniforms.

Canon Iron-on T-shirt transfers allow you to create your own custom T-shirts and jerseys from home. Designs can be created using Photoshop or other imaging software and printed onto iron-on transfer paper. The image is transferred to your T-shirt or jersey using an iron to gently press the image onto the material. Canon Iron-on T-shirt transfers can also print logos, names and numbers onto a sports jersey, customizing your team jerseys.


Step 1

Use a computer and Photoshop or Canon Iron-on software to design an image for your T-shirt or jersey. Print the image on iron-on transfer paper using a printer. Iron-on transfer paper can be purchased from your local office supply store.

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Step 2

Remove the blank area around the image from the iron-on transfer paper. Use a pair of scissors to cut around the edges of your image on the iron-on transfer paper.

Step 3

Plug in the power cord of the iron and let it preheat for five minutes. Turn the iron to the hottest setting without using steam.

Step 4

Place the shirt or material on smooth flat surface with the side you wish to print on facing up. Make sure the surface is heat resistant to prevent melting anything.


Step 5

Place the Canon Iron-on transfer on the material, image side facing down. Place the image in the exact location you wish to print on.

Step 6

Run the iron over the image, starting with the upper left hand corner. Place the iron on the image and slowly work your way across the image applying slight pressure to the iron for 15 seconds. Place the iron on the bottom left corner and slowly slide the iron across the image applying slight pressure to the iron for 15 seconds.


Step 7

Place the iron on the image and use circular motions to make sure the image has released from the paper and transferred to the shirt.

Step 8

Peel the backing paper of the Canon Iron-on transfer from the surface of the shirt. Use one hand to press down on the shirt to hold it in place and use the other hand to slowly peel the backing paper from the shirt.


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