How to Change the Combination on a Star Floor Safe

Providing fire, burglary and water protection, the Star Floor Safe is made by American Security Products Co., which has been making safes since 1948. It features a door that is locked by three bolts, each requiring more than 25,000 pounds to shear and a UL Group II key changeable lock. Although safes may differ in style and placement for the key, the method for changing the combination on a key changeable three bolt locks is the same throughout the industry. To change the combination on the Star Floor, you must know the current combination and possess the change key. If you do not, you will need to contact a local safe dealer.

Things You'll Need

  • Existing combination
  • Change key

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Removing the Current Combination

Dial the existing combination on your Star Floor Safe and remove the door from the safe. The order is four times to the left for the first number, three times to the right for the second number, and two times to the left for last number, and finally slowly to the right until you can turn no more. An error has been made if the dial doesn't stop.

Examine the door and locks for anything that might cause the lock system to not move smoothly. Wipe clean and lubricate if necessary.

Dial the existing combination to the change mark found to the right or left of the opening mark on the dial. Stop at the third number.

Insert the change key into the key hole on the front of your Star Floor Safe. If the key does not go in all the way, you may have inadvertently bumped the dial to a wrong number. Repeat if necessary.

Turn the key to the left one quarter-turn. This will free the dial/wheels from the existing combination.

Installling the New Combination

Dial in your new combination beginning with four turns to the left, stopping at the first number.

Turn the dial to the right, stopping at the second number on the third time around.

Turn the dial to the left again to stop at the third number on the second time around.

Turn change key to the right one quarter-turn to lock in the new combination. Remove the key and store in a safe place.

Test the new combination using the opening mark on the dial before you return the door to the safe. Return the door to your Star Floor Safe and lock.


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