How to Address a 50th Class Reunion

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A 50th class reunion is a time to share nostalgia about past school days, as well as a time to celebrate a full life of familial and professional achievements. If you are one of the speakers at a coming reunion, it is likely that you were either a class officer for the student council, or you have been one of the event's organizers. As you prepare your remarks for the reunion, focusing on both nostalgia and celebration will keep you on track.


Step 1

Ask your classmates for photographs of themselves, at least two months before the event. Determine the exact amount of photographs you will need from each person based on the number of attendees that will be at the event. Request photos from certain ages or dates, so that the photos show an overview of your classmates' lives.

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Step 2

Assemble the photos into a slideshow. Play the slideshow at a time before your speech, such as during the reunion's cocktail hour. Accompany the slideshow with music that was popular during your school days.

Step 3

Begin your speech with two or three light jokes. Comment on how people have changed, or have stayed the same. If you attended a large school -- in which all students may not have known each other -- refer to people who were class leaders, or joke about yourself. If you want to avoid singling out attendees, joke about any changes in your school's town.


Step 4

Present two or three of your favorite memories from high school days. Experiences with beloved teachers, memorable sports games and successful extracurricular performances are all appropriate content, as long as the attendees will be able to relate to your memories.

Step 5

Highlight some of the accomplished members of your graduating class. Note any published authors, inventors, business leaders, actors, athletes or other successful graduates. Also note any class members who have given significantly back to the community through philanthropy or volunteering.


Step 6

Wrap up your speech by mentioning how glad you are that so many of your classmates came together for the reunion. Point toward the future by talking about your excitement about the 55th and 60th reunions.


Ask the attendees to send the photos in electronic files, if possible. If they only have prints, the advance time will give you an opportunity to scan them into your slide show.

If a slideshow isn't feasible, ask each attendee for a favorite song from school days, and compile those songs into a musical background for the social part of the evening.


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