How to Make a Wine Rack for a Small Cabinet

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Things You'll Need

  • 10-foot long floor board

  • PVA Glue

  • Circular saw

  • Varnish

  • 100 grit sand paper

  • Sander

  • Face mask

  • Brush

Storing wine in a wine rack is neat and tidy

When you only have little storage space in your apartment and you cannot install large wine cabinets, a small wine rack will do the same job. A wine rack capable of storing six bottles wine will fit neatly inside a small cabinet, and even a non-expert can assemble one. Wine racks come in many shapes and forms, but generally they look like square-shaped pigeon holes that can accommodate standard-sized bottles.


Step 1

Cut the floor board for the wine rack using the circular saw. Cut four one-foot, two two-foot and three pieces eight-inch long pieces. The one-foot long pieces will be the horizontal parts, the eight-inch long parts will be the separators and the two-foot long pieces the sides of the wine rack. The inside of your cabinet may be a different size, so first measure your cabinet and adjust the size of this wine rack design accordingly.


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Step 2

Sand the wood slices using the 100 grit sand paper and the sander.

Step 3

Apply the varnish to the wood slices using the brush and leave them to dry.

Step 4

Draw four marks eight inches from one another on the two-foot long sides of the wine rack starting from the end of the board. This is where you will glue the one-foot long pieces.


Step 5

Draw a mark at the center of each one-foot boards. This is where you will glue the eight-inch pieces.

Step 6

Glue the eight-inch long pieces to the one-foot long ones at the marks. Wait until they completely dry and stick together. Glue the two-foot long boards to the side of this structure. You should now have space for six bottles of wines in a wine rack that looks like pigeon holes.


Choose a type of wood and stain color that will go well with the other pieces of furniture in your room.


Use a face mask when applying the varnish as it may contain chemicals that can be harmful to your lungs.


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