How to Make a Kakashi Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Military green vest

  • Army style pants in black

  • Long sleeved T-shirt in black

  • Gladiator style sandals in black

  • Black support hose

  • Hair spray with white coloring

  • Clear hair spray

  • Non-toxic magic marker in gray

  • Blow dryer

  • Flat iron

  • Sharingan-themed contact lens

  • White ace bandages

  • Black fingerless gloves

  • Cardboard

  • Origami paper in red and gray

  • Fanny pack in black or brown

Cosplay, short for "costume play" developed in Japan and has now become a worldwide mania.

Hatake Kakashi is one of the heroic ninja characters in the Naruto anime series of Japan. He is a likable, unassuming character, often late, but then surprises us with his exceptional martial arts skills. His distinguishing physical characteristics are his spiky white hair and his Sharingan eye. The Sharingan eye is a genetic trait found only in the Uchiha clan. In Kakashi´s case however it was implanted after his original eye was destroyed in a battle where his attempts to protect an Uchiha ninja were unsuccessful. The dying ninja, named Uchiha Obito, bestowed the eye to Kakashi.


Hair and Makeup

Step 1

Wash your hair and blow dry it straight or straighten with a flat iron. Take a strip of hair and holding it vertically in the air in one hand, apply the white hair spray to cover the entire strip on all sides.


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Step 2

Repeat this process with the rest of the hair on the head. Another option is to blow the hair upwards with the blow dryer on the cool setting while at the same time spraying it with the white spray. If added hold is necessary spray again with extra strong hold clear hairspray.

Step 3

Insert the Sharingan-themed contact lens into your left eye. Close your left eye and with the magic marker draw a vertical line from just above the eyebrow to just below the cheekbone.


Clothing and Accesories

Step 1

Put on the pants and T-shirt. Cut or hem the pants so that they are above your ankle but no shorter than mid-calf. Wrap your right thigh in the middle with a white ace bandage. Wrap from your ankles up to where the pant line ends in white ace bandages so that no skin is showing. Put on the gladiator style flip-flops.


Step 2

Put on the green military vest. Tie a black headband made from the support hose around your head covering from your hairline to your eyebrow. Tie another piece of support hose around your mouth and nose. Put on the fingerless gloves and the fanny pack.

Step 3

Create a kunai out of cardboard and wrap it in aluminum foil. Make a few origami ninja stars. Throw these into your fanny pack to toss around with your cosplaying friends.


If your hair length is too short or too long you can buy a spiky white wig at a party supply, costume vendor or beauty supply store.

A kunai is a special bladed weapon used in martial arts.


Cosplay is just for fun. Never use real martial arts weapons when taking part in cosplay activities, create them out of cardboard and paper. Also, if attending a cosplay/anime convention you will not be allowed past the metal detectors with real weapons.


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