How to Make Acrylic Paint Glossy

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Things You'll Need

  • Acrylic varnish, medium gloss

  • Paper plate

  • Stiff-bristled paint brush

A stiff-bristled brush works best when applying acrylic varnish.

Acrylic paint, a permanent and water-soluble paint used by artists, has a small amount of sheen when dry. It is, however, possible to make an acrylic painting look shiner and glossier if that is a more desired look.


Step 1

Pour a small amount of varnish onto the paper plate. Dip a clean, dry brush into the varnish.

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Step 2

Apply smooth, even brushstrokes to the surface of the acrylic painting, all in the same direction. Do not overlap brushstrokes.

Step 3

Wait for varnish to dry completely. If you want to add a second coat, make your brushstrokes smooth and perpendicular to the first set of strokes.


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