How to Make an Easy Male Renaissance Costume

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Renaissance men wore loose fitting tops cinched at the waist.

Whether you are dressing up for Halloween, going to a costume party or planning to attend a local Renaissance fair, you can put together your own costume. Clothing similar to clothing for men during the Renaissance era isn't difficult to find. All you need to add is a few props and accessories and you have a male Renaissance costume that looks authentic.


Step 1

Find a loose fitting blouse or tunic. The sleeves should also be loose and puffy. A peasant style blouse is ideal for a Renaissance era costume. Natural colors like cream and brown are most authentic.

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Step 2

Cinch the shirt at the waist. You can use a leather belt or a braided cord. Cinch loosely so you can untuck the shirt, creating a puffy look above the waist.

Step 3

Wear a pair of solid colored tights, leggings or knickers. If you choose knickers, they can be puffy at the hip. If you choose tights or leggings, make sure you wear an extra long shirt.

Step 4

Find a pair of tall boots. The boots should stop around mid-calf below the knee. Leather is ideal. Choose lace-up boots or boots with a fold-down top for more authenticity.

Step 5

Find a loose fitting cap. Add a large feather to the cap sticking off to the side, facing the back. Hang a plastic sword from your belt.

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