How to End a Knitted Scarf

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Things You'll Need

  • Knitting needles

  • Scissors

  • Darning needle

Binding-off is a basic knitting technique.

Making a scarf is a common beginner project, which teaches you fundamental techniques, such as casting and working knit and purl stitches. When you reach the desired length, you may be unsure how to finish your scarf. Most knitting projects end with a bind-off row, also known as casting-off, which is a simple technique to accomplish and you will be able to wrap your new scarf around your neck in no time.



Step 1

Knit two stitches. Unless specified by the pattern, using the basic knit bind-off technique will work to end your scarf. Bind-off rows start at the beginning of a new row or round. If the pattern states to cast off purlwise, follow the instructions.


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Step 2

Slip the stitch farthest away from the tip of your right needle over the second stitch closest to the needle tip, using the left needle. One stitch will remain on the right needle. If you are left-handed and not comfortable with right-handed knitting, reverse the technique by using the right needle to slip stitches on the left needle.


Step 3

Knit one stitch. Slip the stitch farthest away from the right needle tip over the stitch you've just knitted. You will have one stitch on the right needle.

Step 4

Repeat the process until you have one stitch left. As you continue binding off stitches, you will get a chain of interlocking stitches forming along the end of your scarf.


Step 5

Cut yarn with scissors, leaving a long tail. Thread yarn through stitch and tighten.

Step 6

Weave in ends with a darning needle.


Don't bind off too tightly.

There are other bind-off techniques. Video, photographs and diagrams of various techniques can be found on KnittingHelp, Knitty and books, such as "Not Your Mama's Knitting: The Cool And Creative Way To Pick Up Sticks" by Heather Dixon.

If you need in-person help to finish your scarf, contact your local knitting guild or join a class at your local yarn store.


Your scarf will unravel if you haven't properly followed the bind-off technique.


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