How to Make a Mrs. Claus Costume

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You can make your own Mrs. Claus costume.
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Things You'll Need

  • Flexible ruler

  • Pencil

  • 1 sheet cardstock

  • Scissors

  • French curve

  • Half sheet poster board

  • Ruler

  • Chalk

  • 3 yards red felt or velvet

  • Red thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Red bias tape

  • 1 1/2 yards white fur

  • 1/2-inch red grosgrain ribbon

  • 2-inch red grosgrain ribbon

Show your love for the man in red and wear a Mrs. Claus mob cap and apron. The mob cap is easy to make and can be created out of felt or velvet, and can be embellished with white fur trim or other Christmas-inspired decorations. Personalize the felt apron to make it uniquely yours – use pretty buttons, a faux belt or even top-stitched pockets to make it a one-of-a-kind piece for an adorable DIY Mrs. Clause costume.


Mrs. Claus Mob Cap

Step 1: Measure for Your Mrs. Claus Hat

Measure your head circumference for your Mrs. Claus Hat with the flexible ruler. Leave the ruler in its oval shape and carefully remove it from your head.

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Step 2: Draw and Cut

Draw an outline of the ruler onto a piece of cardstock. Cut the oval from the sheet of cardstock. Make sure to leave the outside edges of the paper intact.

Step 3: Check the Fit and Fold

Place the paper pattern over your head and make sure that it fits. Fold the pattern in half twice so that it is a quarter sheet.

Step 4: Trace and Cut

Slide the rounded edge of the French curve against the round section of the pattern. Trace the edges of the French curve onto the paper to create a uniformed curve. Cut around the outline so that the oval is uniform.


Step 5: Draw and Center

Draw two intersecting lines in the center of the poster board to create four equal halves. Center the cardstock pattern over the intersection lines on top of the poster board.

Step 6: Trace and Enlarge

Trace the oval onto the poster board. Remove the cardstock pattern. Measure 3 inches from the outer edge of the oval on the poster board to enlarge the oval.


Step 7: Cut Out the Tire Pattern

Cut around the center and outer lines on the poster board. You should be left with a tire-shaped pattern piece.

Step 8: Center and Measure

Center the tire-shaped pattern onto a piece of red felt. Measure outwards from the outside edge of the pattern to create a shape twice the size as the original piece. This measurement will vary depending on your head size.


Step 9: Cut and Hem

Cut the large red oval from the felt. Hem the felt oval with a 5/8-inch seam.

Step 10: Sew and Gather

Use a large running stitch to sew gathering lines. Sew a line 2 inches from the hemline. Sew a second line 1/2 inch from that edge.


Pull the threads to gather the hat. Try the hat on to make sure it has been gathered tight enough. Tie the ends of the thread into a knot once you're satisfied with the fit.


Mrs. Claus Apron

Step 1: Measure and Fold

Measure from your collarbone to your knees for your Mrs. Claus costume apron. Use this measurement to cut a rectangle that is 18-inches wide and equal to your measurement in length. Fold the rectangle in half longways.


Step 2: Measure and Mark

Measure 9 inches from the top of the long open side. Mark that spot with chalk.

Measure the top of the fabric 3-inches deep from the open side. Mark that spot with chalk.

Step 3: Cut Away, Round Off

Cut away the section between the 9-inch spot and 3-inch spot to create what looks like an armhole. Round off the bottom corners on the open side of the fabric.


Step 4: Sew Bias Tape and Fur Trim

Sew bias tape around the edges of the apron. Sew fur trim across the top and bottom edges of the apron.

Step 5: Measure and Cut

Lay the apron against your chest. Measure from one top-side edge around your neck to the other top-side edge. Cut a section of 1/2-inch grosgrain ribbon equal to that length. Sew each end of the ribbon piece to each top side of the apron.

Step 6: Fit to Your Waist

Measure your waist. Cut two sections of 2-inch grosgrain ribbon equal to that measurement. Sew one piece onto each side of the apron at the bottom of the arm-looking section to create a waist tie.


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