How to Make a Paper Plane With Dollar Bills

Paper airplanes are fun to make, and can be made with any paper, including dollar bills

Children and adults alike make paper airplanes out of any number of materials, including bills of any denomination. While airplanes made from dollar bills will be small, they can still be excellent fliers, especially since bill paper, made with a cotton blend, is stronger and heavier. Once you've mastered the proper paper airplane techniques, you can experiment with your own designs. As long as the basic airplane look is retained -- pointed front with wings -- any design is viable.

Simple Paper Airplane

Step 1

Flatten the dollar bill so there are no creases.

Step 2

Fold the bill in half long-ways, so that the top of the bill is aligned with the bottom of the bill. Unfold it, but make sure you can see the line of the crease.

Step 3

Fold the side edge of one corner down so that it follows the middle crease. Do the same with the facing corner. This will make the bill look almost like a very fat sharpened pencil.

Step 4

Fold the bill in half, mimicking the original creased fold. Do it in such a way that the flaps from the folded-down corners are inside.

Step 5

Turn the entire bill sideways, so that the long, flat edge is on the bottom and the pointed side is to the left.

Step 6

Fold one side of the top flap down so that the edge aligns with the bottom edge of the plane. Do the same with the other side.

Step 7

Unfold the wings so that they stick out. Your plane is ready to fly.

Advanced Paper Airplace

Step 1

Follow steps 1 through 3 of Section 1.

Step 2

Fold the same corners' edges again, so that the angled edges align with the center crease on top of the first corner edges.

Step 3

Follow steps 4 through 7 of Section 1 to complete this more advanced paper airplane.


Using crisp bills is preferable because there are no pre-made creases from people folding them into their pockets or wallets. If you can't find a crisp bill, you can always iron your bill first using a standard iron set on very low heat.