How to Use the Polder Meat Thermometer

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Things You'll Need

  • Polder meat thermometer

  • 2 AA batteries

Check the temperature of meat while it cooks.

When roasting meat or poultry the internal temperature must reached a certain point before the dish is finished. Knowing the internal temperature will help you roast meat to your desired doneness. With poultry or pork, knowing the internal temperature guarantees the meat is cooked above a certain temperature; you can get sick from eating undercooked pork or poultry. Use a Polder meat thermometer for easy monitoring of cooking temperatures.


Step 1

Open the battery compartment and insert the batteries. Close the battery compartment.

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Step 2

Check to make sure the thermometer is set to display Celsius or Fahrenheit. Move the sliding switch on the back of the thermometer to the "C" or "F."


Step 3

Set the temperature on the front of the thermometer according to the meat you are roasting. Use the up and down buttons until the thermometer displays the proper temperature and then turn the alert to the "On" position. When you set this button to the "On" position, the thermometer will beep when the meat temperature reaches this temperature.


Step 4

Clean the tip of the probe before inserting into the meat. Wash with warm, soapy water, rinse well and dry with a paper towel. Do not wash the entire probe, just the tip.

Step 5

Insert the thermometer probe about two inches into the center of the meat, making sure the probe does not touch bone or gristle.


Step 6

Place the meat with the probe into the oven. The cord of the probe will reach out of the oven and you can place the display portion of the thermometer near the oven.

Step 7

Monitor the meat as it roasts. The thermometer display will show the temperature as it rises. When the meat temperature reaches the temperature you set, the thermometer will beep. Remove the meat from the oven.


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