How to Make a Birthday Card in MS Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Microsoft Paint program

  • Printer

  • Ink

  • Computer paper

  • Card stock (8.5 X 11)

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Paint pens

Make a custom birthday card using Microsoft Paint.

There are a variety of ways to create your own birthday cards, including designing one using Microsoft Paint. This is a great activity for children, so consider letting your child make the card using this simple art program.


Step 1

Click on the Microsoft Paint icon on your computer's desktop. The program will automatically open, and you will see a blank "canvas" to begin designing.

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Step 2

Click on the font button, move your cursor to the blank canvas, and draw a text box. A cursor will appear within the text box. Type "Happy Birthday!" Highlight the text. Change the look of the text by selecting a different font type or size from the drop down boxes on the screen.

Step 3

Adjust the width and height of the text box to accommodate larger fonts by pulling at the small dots located around the perimeter of the text box and then releasing.

Step 4

Click on the airbrush button, and then click on a color box from the toolbar above the canvas. Click on the canvas, and then sweep your airbrush tool across the canvas. You will see a spray of color that has the appearance of spray paint. Experiment with layering different colors. To switch colors, simply click on a new color box from the toolbar.


Step 5

Click on one of the shape tools, such as a circle or square, and draw a shape much like you drew the text box. Simply click on the canvas, move your cursor to create the shape and release.

Step 6

Save and print your creation.


Step 7

Lay a piece of card stock on a flat work space so that it horizontally faces you. Fold it in half.

Step 8

Cut out your Microsoft Paint canvas to fit the face of the birthday card.

Step 9

Glue your Microsoft Paint cut-out to the front of the card.

Step 10

Personalize your card with paint pens.


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