How to Make Green Paint Darker

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Things You'll Need

  • Green paint

  • Black paint

  • Paint palette

  • Paint brush or mixing stick

You can easily change the value of your green paint to create any shade you like.

The value of a color refers to how light or dark the color is, and it is easy to change the value of any color you like. If you find yourself with a shade of green that isn't as dark as you want, there is no need to return to the paint store; adjust the color yourself.


Step 1

Place the amount of green paint needed for your project on a paint palette.

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Step 2

Add a small amount of black paint to the green and mix thoroughly with a paint brush or mixing stick. Your green paint will become darker.

Step 3

Add more black paint and mix thoroughly again until you reach the desired shade.


Add black paint a little bit at a time so that you don't create a shade darker than you wanted.

If your paint becomes too dark, add more green to lighten it.

A color wheel is a useful tool to have when mixing paint.

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