How to Find Discontinued Bruce Hardwood Flooring

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Bruce Flooring is the hardwood and laminate division of Armstrong and has been manufacturing hardwood flooring since 1884. Because Bruce hardwood flooring is a prefinished product, if you have damaged an older floor and need replacement planks you may find your specific product has been discontinued. While the process may be time consuming, with a bit of detective work you should be able to find the flooring you need to complete your project.


Step 1

Write down the species, style, color and item number of the discontinued Bruce flooring you are trying to match. For example, the species might be maple in a plank style with the color name of "Liberty Brown" and the item number ER7362.

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Step 2

Visit one or more flooring retailers that carry Bruce hardwood flooring; stores that are part of a national chain are the best choice for finding your product.


Step 3

Enlist the aid of a salesperson; explain your quest and ask them to check their stock database for availability.

Step 4

Ask the sales associate to cross check inventory of other stores in the chain. Large retail chains typically have national access to inventory, and may find a case of discontinued flooring at a store in another state. If they find the hardwood in another location, they can have the product transferred to the local store.


Step 5

Contact Bruce Flooring at its customer support center and explain your need. Often, a company will discontinue a product at a warehouse, but it suggest a replacement or alternate product available to match your floor.


Most Bruce hardwood flooring can be refinished; if you prefer, you can replace the damaged plank with a newer style and refinish the entire floor to make the color uniform.

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