How to Customize a Zippo Lighter

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Things You'll Need

  • Stickers

  • Paint

  • Painting supplies

A little paint can bring a lot of life to a zippo

Owning a Zippo lighter is a statement of independence from plastic lighters and unique style for many smokers. Zippos are also cost effective. With a plastic lighter you must continue to buy new ones. With a Zippo, you can refill flint and lighter fluid without ever buying a plastic lighter again. Some Zippo lighters come customized but for those who have a plain, undecorated one, a little personal customization can lead to a truly one-of-a-kind lighter.


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Step 1

Apply some stickers to the Zippo. Choose stickers that reflect your interests or personality. High quality stickers will stay stuck to the lighter longer and won't deteriorate as quickly.

Step 2

Use the painting supplies to paint the Zippo. Consider painting your name, patterns or just splattering a little color on to go from plain to colorful.


Step 3

Take your Zippo to a jeweler or engraver. A professional can inlay a permanent name, address, pattern or design on the lighter for you.

Step 4

Scratch the Zippo up a lot to give it that old school look. You can do this by grinding it on the ground under your shoe or using any sharp or pointed object.