How to Clean Bluetooth Headsets

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Things You'll Need

  • Electronics cleaning wipes

  • Electronics cleaning spray

  • Microfiber cloth

Clean your Bluetooth device with an electronics cleaning wipe.

Bluetooth devices allow you to use a hands-free capability when using your cell phone or video gaming console with online capabilities. Whether you're talking to a friend on your phone or talking to fellow gamers during online game play, the Bluetooth device accumulates dirt, body oils, fingerprints and other elements that leave the Bluetooth unclean and unattractive. Since this is an electronic device, you want to avoid the use of water and instead use a mild cleaning item that safely removes all of the buildup from the device.


Step 1

Turn off your Bluetooth headset.

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Step 2

Wipe down the Bluetooth headset regularly with a dry microfiber cloth, which removes light buildup without scratching the Bluetooth device.

Step 3

Mist the cloth with a spray of electronics cleaning spray and wipe down the entire Bluetooth headset. The cleaning solution is an alcohol-based spray that removes buildup from the device without causing damage.

Step 4

Use an electronics cleaning wipe, alternatively, if you prefer the wipes over the spray. Both work the same. The wipes are simply premoistened cloths similar to baby wipes that already contain the cleaning solution.

Step 5

Allow the Bluetooth headset to air dry before turning back on.


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