How to Replace the Primer Bulb on an Ariens Snowblower

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Things You'll Need

  • Replacement primer bulb

  • Socket set

  • Phillips screwdriver

Replace the primer bulb in your snowblower so that you are ready for snow removal.

If you have an Ariens snowblower, the primer bulb might need to be replaced at some point. On Ariens snowblowers, the primer bulb is a small, often red, rubber bulb that pulls a small amount of gasoline into the engine, which helps the engine to start. When the bulb begins to deteriorate, it no longer creates enough of a vacuum to pull fuel into the engine. However, you can replace the primer bulb with a few basic hand tools.


Step 1

Remove the control panel cover or mounting cover for the primer bulb. Depending on the Ariens model, you might have to remove the control panel using a socket set, or you might need to remove the retention ring around the primer bulb with a screwdriver.

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Step 2

Once the control panel is removed, press the primer bulb out of its panel by pushing on it with your thumb.


Step 3

Separate the top of the primer bulb from the primer base. Peel off the red rubber bulb from the top of the plastic base.

Step 4

Attach the new primer bulb to the bulb base. Slowly stretch the new primer bulb around the plastic disc that is the primer base. Make sure that the bulb is attached all the way around so that it will draw a vacuum and pull fuel into the engine.


Step 5

Press the bulb back into the control panel (or mounting ring) from the bottom of the panel until it clicks in place.

Step 6

Reattach the control panel, or remount the retention ring around the bulb.


Step 7

Test the bulb by pressing it with your thumb four or five times. You should hear the fuel bubbling into the engine. If not, recheck the installation to make sure everything is attached and try again.



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