How to Keep Things in Place in a Gift Basket

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Things You'll Need

  • Raffia

  • Ribbon

  • Low-melt hot-glue gun

  • Cellophane

  • Blow dryer

Homemade gift baskets are always welcome, because they include a thoughtfully selected variety of items that the recipient will enjoy. Although the items are commonly collected in a basket, a different container may be more appropriate, such as a bucket for gardening tools or a pot for kitchen supplies. One of the most challenging aspects of making a gift basket is arranging all the items and keeping them in place so they look appealing. A few simple techniques hold the basket's contents together.


Step 1

Line the bottom of the gift basket with at least a few inches of raffia. This material provides cushion and helps you prop up the gift items at the correct angles in the basket.

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Step 2

Tie sets of items together with ribbon. For example, if you are including a few writing utensils in a gift basket, ribbon will keep them collected.

Step 3

Place the largest items at the back of the gift basket, leaning them against the back edge for support.

Step 4

Stuff raffia in between the first few gift items and around the front of the items, surrounding the base of each one.


Step 5

Arrange the largest remaining items in the gift basket in a row in front of the first few items. Repeat the process of surrounding the base of each item with raffia to hold it steady.

Step 6

Place the remainder of the items in the space left in the gift basket. If needed, fill in the base of the basket with more raffia so the small items in the front are high enough to be visible.


Step 7

Apply a dab of low-melt hot glue between items that you are afraid might not stay in place. Only do this if the glue will not damage the gifts. If the gift is in a box or wrapped with plastic, glue should be fine.

Step 8

Place the gift basket in the center of a large square of cellophane.


Step 9

Gather the cellophane together above the gift basket, and tie it together with ribbon.

Step 10

Heat the cellophane with a blow dryer on the low-heat setting, starting at the bottom of the gift basket and working your way up toward the ribbon. The cellophane should shrink so it wraps tightly against the items in the basket and provides further support so they stay in place.


Excelsior, which is a packaging material consisting entirely of shredded wood, may be substituted for the raffia in the gift basket.


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