How to Word a Wedding Announcement on a Church Bulletin

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Place an announcement in your church bulletin informing members of your wedding.

A church bulletin is a good place for couples to announce their recent or upcoming wedding. The proud parents of the happy couple may also wish to announce the marriage in a bulletin, especially if the couple resides in another city or state. When considering how to word a wedding announcement in a church bulletin, take into account common practices and rituals of the religion.


Step 1

Ask the church secretary if there is a word limit when placing a wedding announcement in the church bulletin.

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Step 2

Sit down with pen and paper to write the announcement.

Step 3

Word the wedding announcement similar to the wedding invitation. The first item to list is the names of the hosts of the wedding, such as "Samantha Miller and Edward Gallagher announce their wedding."


Step 4

List the important details, such as the time, date and place, that you wish church members to know. If the couple does not want to open the ceremony to all church members, the date and time should not be listed. Make sure to include the date and location if the wedding has already occurred.


Step 5

Add other information such as how long they have been members of the church, employment or hobby details, where they are from and their parents' names.

Step 6

Attach a photo of the couple to be printed with the announcement.


Step 7

Read the finished wedding announcement prior to sending it to the church secretary.

An example of an upcoming wedding announcement is: "Samantha Miller and Edward Gallagher announce their upcoming wedding nuptials on Saturday, the third of November at Lynwood Foursquare Church."


An example of a recent wedding announcement is: "Samantha Miller and Edward Gallagher are happy to announce they were united in marriage at Lynwood Foursquare Church on the third of November."

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