How to Repair a Leak at the Water Meter

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Things You'll Need

  • Kitchen glass

  • Shovel

  • Wrench

  • Pliers

  • Pipe cutter

  • Ruler

You can repair a leak at the water meter with pliers.

To repair a leak at the water meter means you have to obtain access to the problem area. Leaks that occur in various locations, such as the street portion of a water meter fall under the jurisdiction of your local agencies. However, leaks that fall on the residential side become your responsibility as the owner of the real property. If you learn how to fix a pipe that breaks with the insertion of a new one, you can repair a leak at the water meter easily.


Step 1

Shut down the supply of water. Various forms of valves exist to complete this task. Then, use a kitchen glass to remove the water from the hole that contains the meter.

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Step 2

Get rid of the debris that remains close to your pipe and meter by shovel. Turn your water on and off again quickly, so you know the area of your leak.


Step 3

Remove your pipe's end portion via a pair of pliers. Slice three inches ahead of the crack or break in your pipe. Then, measure and slice another piece of pipe to insert in that location.

Step 4

Attach your old pipe to the replacement with your straight coupler. Connect the outer part of your new pipe to the connector on your meter.

Step 5

Verify that everything works correctly and that you no longer have any leaks.



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