How to Clean Silestone Countertops

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Things You'll Need

  • Liquid dish soap

  • Sponge

  • Dish towel

Silestone countertops are made from quartz minerals, a hard and durable surface; only diamonds, sapphires and topaz are stronger, according to Silestone USA. Unlike granite, Silestone does not require sealing and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Cleaning and maintaining a Silestone countertop involves using products that will not harm the finish of the stone but allow the beauty of the quartz minerals to shine through.


Step 1

Fill the kitchen sink with warm water and 1/2 tsp. of mild liquid dish soap.

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Step 2

Wet a sponge with the soapy water and squeeze out excess liquid.

Step 3

Wipe the Silestone countertops with the sponge. For crusty stains on the counter, allow the soap and water to soften the blemish for five minutes. Remove the loosened stain by wiping with the wet sponge.

Step 4

Clean along the edges and under the lip of the countertop to remove all hidden dust and crumbs.

Step 5

Rinse the sponge of soap with running warm water. Wipe the countertops with the sponge, removing all soap residue.

Step 6

Dry the countertops with a soft dish towel.


Wipe Silestone countertops dry after removing spills to keep the surface from forming water spots.


Do not allow oven cleaners or clog removers to come in contact with the Silestone, as it could damage the surface.

Avoid using harsh chemicals on Silestone countertops.

Place butcher blocks or trivets under crock pots or electric skillets to keep the heat from these appliances from compromising the Silestone.


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