How to Load Up Your Riding Lawnmower

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Things You'll Need

  • Ramps

  • Trailer or truck bed

Riding lawnmowers make grass cutting much easier.

Riding lawnmowers sometimes have to be transported. One of the most challenging parts of moving a riding lawnmower from one place to another is the loading of the mower. When loading a riding lawnmower it is important for users to use the proper equipment.


Step 1

Position the trailer or truck in place. After positioning the truck or vehicle pulling the trailer, engage the emergency brake.

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Step 2

Position the ramps, making sure that they are securely in place in relation to the trailer or truck bed that the mower will be loaded onto. With metal or aluminum trailers that have drop-down gates that also serve as a ramps, this is no problem; however, extra caution should be taken with homemade wooden ramps and store-bought ramps that do not attach to trailers. A homemade wooden ramp needs a special metal bracket attached to the end that will lie on the edge of a truck's tailgate or the back of a utility trailer.


Step 3

Drive or push the mower up the ramp. If you are pushing a riding mower up a ramp the mower's transmission should be in the neutral position; if you are driving the mower on the ramp, the mower should be in a low gear.


Loading is easier if the trailer or truck is down-slope from the mower, making less of an incline for the mower.


If driving the mower up the ramp, make sure that the mowing blades are not engaged and the mowing deck is raised high enough so that it does not drag.


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