How to Troubleshoot Mower Blades That Will Not Engage

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Things You'll Need

  • Deck belt

  • Metal putty knife

Inspect the mower before each use.

The blades of a riding mower must be engaged for the tractor to cut. When the blades no longer engage, inspect the mower for damage and defects. A few factors may cause the blades not to engage. Checking these things yourself can save a costly repair bill.


Step 1

Check the blade rotation control lever to ensure it is securely in position. Wiggle the handle to ensure it is not stuck between positions.

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Step 2

Check the drive belt for damage or excessive wear. Replace if needed.


Step 3

Clean under the mower deck to ensure that debris is not clogging the drive shaft and that the shaft is not damaged or bent.

Step 4

Level the mower housing, making sure the blades are even.


Wear gloves when handling mower blades.


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