How to Build a Portable Display Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Notice board/bulletin board with a wood frame

  • Drill

  • Pencil

  • Wood glue

  • 2 old office chairs

Use a common bulletin board to make a mobile display wall.

A portable display wall can be used as a space divider in small offices and as display boards at local libraries to showcase new books, evening events and guest speakers, for example. Portable display walls can be rather expensive if you purchase them at an office supply store or craft store. You can create your own using a basic notice board and the bottom part of a regular office chair. It can be a cheap project, if you can find old or broken office chairs whose wheels are intact.


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Step 1

Start with the old office chairs. The seating part of the chair should be removed from the wheels, so you only have the wheels, the metal octopus frame and a single connector screw left. The screw should be pointing straight up in the air.

Step 2

Lay the notice board flat. Take the pencil and make two marks on the bottom of the board 2 inches in from each side. The marks should be made on the edge facing down when the notice board is straight up.


Step 3

Drill two small holes using the two marks as guidance. The holes should be small and not go through the wooden frame of the notice board. Once the holes have been drilled, blow the drilling residue out of the holes.

Step 4

Slide the notice board onto a table and place the side with the drilled holes even with the edge of the table. Insert some wood glue into one drill hole and hold the metal octopus frame with wheels up to the hole. Insert the connector screw into the hole and hold the wheel structure still until the glue dries. Repeat this step with the other metal octopus structure.


Step 5

Place the wheels down on the ground, so the notice board is straight up. Let the notice board stand by itself until the glue has completely dried. Once it has dried, you can push the notice board around on the wheels as you please.


Try to find two identical chairs so that the height of the wheel assemblies will be the same and your display board will be level.