Intermatic Sprinkler Timer Instructions

Intermatic manufactures a wide variety of electronic controls for use in homes and gardens. Their line of sprinkler timers allow users to set the time intervals at which they would like to have their lawn and garden watered. Automatic watering systems like this can be especially useful if you are going away on vacation, or if you tend to be a bit scatter-brained when it comes to garden maintenance. Intermatic has six different timers on the market, and the instructions will vary slightly depending on the model you own.

Step 1

Set the first zone for watering by pushing the gold pin into the slot on the yellow dial. The pin should be inserted into the desired time you would like the sprinkler to turn on. One pin represents 12 minutes of watering time, so to add more time in 12 minute intervals, insert another pin without skipping slots.

Step 2

Change the zones by leaving a blank slot on the yellow dial after the gold "On" pin.

Step 3

Set up an additional zone by repeating the first and second steps.

Step 4

Turn the yellow dial clockwise to set the time of day until the correct line matches up with the silver pointer. Do not turn the silver time pointer.

Step 5

Turn the black skipping wheel counterclockwise to skip days on your watering cycle. Turn the wheel until today's day is in front of the 14 arrow. Press down the pins on the days you would like no watering to occur.

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