How to Build a California Closet

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Things You'll Need

  • California closet system

  • Manual or power screwdriver

  • Screws

California Closets are made of interconnecting parts.

California Closets is a line of custom-made closets that have a modular structure for easy installation, adjustment, and removal. While most California closets are installed by a professional, you can build your own once you've ordered all the necessary parts. Since the entire closet system is made up of interconnecting parts that hang from a horizontal rail, nearly anyone can design and assemble a California closet — all you need is a screwdriver and a little creativity.


Step 1

Fasten the steel rail to the wall, driving a screw into each stud for best support. The rail should be located fairly close to the ceiling, high enough that the vertical sections can hang freely from it. Slip the rail cover over it for a more aesthetic appearance.

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Step 2

Hang the vertical components from the rail, slipping the suspension brackets over the rail's top edge and locking them in place. Make sure the vertical divisions are the appropriate distance apart from each other for your shelves to fit snugly in place.


Step 3

Insert pegs into the topmost holes of two facing vertical sections, and set a cam-lock shelf onto them, screwing it in place. This will hold the closet system in place and add stability. Repeat this step for each vertical space, adding a second locking shelf at the bottom if desired.

Step 4

Install the various removable closet components. These all use the series of peg-holes that run along the length of the vertical dividers for support. Stick four pegs into place and rest a shelf on them, or insert plastic end-pieces into two facing rows of holes between which to fit a wooden hanging-rod. Snap drawer-rails into place the same way, and install drawers for a dresser-like portion of your closet.


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