How to Replace the String on a Poulan Weed Eater

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Moistened microfiber cloth

Replacing the string on your Poulan Weed Eater trimmer or edger is something that you will have to do several times throughout its life. As the high velocity string eats through the grass and weeds on your lawn, the plants eat away at the string and eventually, it will need to be changed. Because it will need to be changed periodically, the Poulan Weed Eater's string is designed to be easy to replace. You don't need any tools or special equipment. All you need is a spool of 2 mm diameter weed eater or trimmer string, available at most hardware stores.


Step 1

Turn the Weed Eater's engine off and wait for the blade to stop turning.

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Step 2

Remove the string's spool's cover. Press the lock tabs on either side of its surface and pull the spool cover off.


Step 3

Pull the lock ring, tap button and trimmer string spool out of the hub.

Step 4

Remove the old, short string from the spool.

Step 5

Wipe the inside and outside of the spool and hub with a moistened microfiber cloth to eliminate plant debris and dirt.


Step 6

Examine the indexing teeth on the spool and the hub that the spool rests in. If these teeth are worn, take your Weed Eater to the nearest authorized dealer for replacement parts. As the teeth wear down, your Weed Eater will not trim efficiently.

Step 7

Cut two 20-foot lengths of line from the spool of fresh string.


Step 8

Line the two lengths up together. Hold them in one hand so that their parallel ends extend two to three inches.

Step 9

Feed the two ends of the string into the two holes on the rim of the spool (where the old line was inserted). Keep feeding the string into the spool (in the direction of the arrow on the face of the spool) so that it winds tightly and evenly around the spool. Stop when four to six inches of the end of the string protrude from the spool.


Step 10

Thread the four-to-six inch tail of string through the exit holes in the hub.

Step 11

Press the spool back onto the hub. Turn the spool clockwise until it snaps into the gear tabs and is locked in place.


Step 12

Replace the tap button, lock ring and cover.

Step 13

Pull on the tail ends of the string until you feel resistance.


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