How to Thread a 13-inch Homelite Weed Eater

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • 0.065-inch trimmer line

The 13-inch Homelite String Trimmer comes with a dual line system that uses an auto feeder to push out more line. This line can break easily against concrete, walls, and fences, requiring frequent line replacement. Inside the trimmer head, a removable spool houses the line, which can be replaced whenever the old line gets too short. When you replace the line, you need to properly thread it into the center of the spool, around the spool, and through the cutting head.


Step 1

Pull the electric extension cord out of the electrical port on the Homelite String Trimmer; this will prevent any accidental starts when you replace the line. Turn the trimmer upside down to remove the spool retainer. Hold the trimmer head steady. Push the two tabs on the spool retainer down and in toward the cutting head. Pull the spool retainer off the spool.


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Step 2

Pull the spool up out of the head. Take off any remaining line fragments still left on the spool. Measure one 18-foot section of trimmer line, and cut it off the reel. Cut the line in half to get two 9-foot lengths of 0.065-inch diameter nylon trimmer line.

Step 3

Thread the first line into the anchor hole on the upper part of the spool. Wind the line around the spool counterclockwise in a tight, even manner. Insert the line into the slot on the top of the spool flange, so 6 inches extend out the notch.


Step 4

Thread the second line into the bottom anchor hole below the first. Wind the line counterclockwise, and put the last 6 inches into the holding slot on the opposite side. Align the slots on the spool with the eyelets on the head.

Step 5

Thread the line through the eyelets while pushing the spool down into place inside the head. Pull up on the lines to free them from the slots, and press the spool retainer down until the tabs snap into place.


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