How to Make a Child Santa Suit

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Things You'll Need

  • Red sweatsuit - top and pants

  • Two rolls of white faux fur

  • Shears

  • Needle and thread or glue gun

  • 1-2 rolls of cell foam padding

  • Black buckle belt

  • Black rubber shoes

  • White beard

  • Santa hat

  • Makeup brush

  • Rosy-red highlights

  • Red velvet or felt bags

Christmas is a special time for both kids and grown-ups. To make the holiday season more festive, let your child dress up in his or her very own Santa costume. You don't have to go to a costume store to purchase a brand new Santa outfit. Instead, you can put together Santa's merry outfit simply by using a red sweatsuit and adding a few extra accessories to make kid Santa look more realistic.


Step 1

Purchase a small- to medium-sized red sweatsuit, or according to the child's size. Cut off the cuffs of the sweatshirt with sharp sheers. Also remove the elastic liner around the base of the sweatshirt with scissors.

Step 2

Replace the cuffs and the sweater's entire elastic liner with a strip of white faux fur. With measuring tape, measure the faux fur so that it is 3 to 5 inches in width. Use a heat gun or sew the faux onto the cuffs and liner with needle and thread.

Step 3

Center another piece of faux approximately 10 to 14 inches, in a vertical fashion on the front of the sweater. Heat glue, or sew it in place. Allow the last 3 inches of the faux to dangle below the sweatshirt.


Step 4

Add padding underneath the child's undershirt before placing on the sweatsuit. Wrap cell foam padding, which can be bought from a craft's store, at least 10 inches thick around the waist of the child to produce girth around his midsection. Have the child put on the sweatshirt when you are comfortable with the size of the girth.

Step 5

Place the pants on and wrap a thick, black buckled belt around the waist, over the girth and faux fur strip. The belt should cover the elastic portion of the pants.


Step 6

Place on Santa's beard. Use the elastic band to secure it over his ears. Adjust if needed. Top the head with a red Santa's hat. Allow the child to step into the black rubber boots.

Step 7

Add makeup to the face. Dab a little rosy-colored highlight makeup on a makeup brush. Mark the nose with the color to give Santa a healthy blush. Blend in the color with fingers so that the nose looks flush. Blend to the maximum effect red highlight underneath the eyes and over the cheekbones.

Step 8

Complete kid Santa's ensemble with a large, red velvet bag full of foam padding or gifts.