How to Display Beer Steins

Being a serious collector of beer steins is about passion. Collectors spend countless hours accruing specific steins and keeping them in good condition. But even after the most elusive stein is in your possession, being a beer stein collector is far from over. Just as important is displaying existing pieces in a way that does not damage your hard-earned collection. Even in the most sedate of homes, beer steins can suffer wear and tear if they are not displayed properly. Dirt and damage can reduce the aesthetic value of a stein, as well as impact its resale value. Do your collection justice by following these displaying tips.

Properly displaying your beer stein collection can prevent your pieces from losing value.

Step 1

Find a location for your display. A temperature-controlled room is ideal, but any room that does not suffer from temperature extremes or an excess of dampness will suffice.

Step 2

Buy a display case. A glass case will not only allow you to display your beer stein collection, but will also protect the steins from dust and debris.

Step 3

Position your collection sensibly. The whole point of a display case is to show off your collection without having to directly handle the steins. Make sure that whatever display arrangement you choose for your steins adequately showcases the collection. As long as visitors (and collectors) can fully see the steins, there is less need to take them out of the case.