How to Clean a Pewter Beer Stein

Pewter beer steins require hand wshing.
Pewter beer steins require hand wshing. (Image: Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images)

Beer steins are centuries-old drinkware. Pewter is just one material used to make beer steins. Pewter is a metal that is easy to clean, although most experts caution against using dishwashers to clean pewter. There are three types of finishes for pewter steins – polished, satin and oxidized. Polished silver has a glossy look, satin is a matte finish and oxidized has an antique or aged look. Cleaning the pewter beer stein correctly is the best way to keep it in good condition.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber mat
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Soft cloths

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Place a rubber mat on the bottom of the sink.

Fill half the sink with warm water.

Add 4to 5 drops of dishwashing liquid.

Place the pewter beer stein in the soapy water. Use a sponge to clean the beer stein.

Soak the beer stein for three to five minutes if there are tough stains.

Rinse off the beer stein in warm, running water.

Dry the stein with a clean soft cloth. Buff with the same cloth to polish the pewter.

For Pollished Pewter Beer Steins

Pour 1/2 cup vinegar into a bowl.

Add 1 tablespoon salt into the bowl.

Add enough flour to the mixture to create a paste.

Dip a soft cloth into the paste. Apply it to the beer stein.

Keep the paste on the pewter stein for five to 10 minutes, depending on how much dirt and grime there is.

Rinse off the paste in warm, running water.

Dry with a soft cloth and buff.


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