How to Dull the Shine of Glass Frames

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Shine or glare on picture frames reduces the visual quality of pictures.

Pictures are a great way to decorate your home and exhibit countless memories. Displaying pictures in a frame is a great way to add a finishing touch. Framing can be done at a professional framing shop or at home. Many times lighting in the house can cause there to be a glare on the glass of the frames. This can make it hard to see the whole picture and diminishes the beauty of framed pictures. There are two options for reducing the glare of glass, depending on your budget.

Lower-Cost Solution

Step 1

Buy an anti-glare spray. Some sprays can be purchased at craft or home improvement stores, while others can be purchased online. Some of the sprays are intended to be used for eye glasses, but can also be used for this purpose. These sprays typically come in aerosol cans and can be purchased for a relatively low price.

Step 2

Remove the glass from the frame. Lay down newspaper on a table or floor, making sure it is in a well-ventilated room or outside. Place the glass on top of the newspaper.

Step 3

Spray the anti-glare solution onto the glass. Follow the directions found on the solution for how to use, as products may vary slightly. Make sure to evenly coat the glass with the solution.

Step 4

Let the side with the solution dry according to the amount of time designated by the solution directions. Flip the glass over and repeat the previous step with the other side. Let dry.

Step 5

Place the glass back into the frame and display the frame as desired.

Higher-Cost Solution

Step 1

Bring your picture to a professional framing store. Many have the option of anti-glare glass. You can select this glass while you are getting your pictures framed and will not need to complete the next steps. However, if you already have a frame and just wish to change the glass, go to a local glass store and ask about their anti-glare glass. There are many different kinds of anti-glare glass, and a glass store employee should be able to help you decide which is best.

Step 2

Have the glass cut to the correct size to fit your frame. It may be helpful to bring the existing glass you have to make sure it is the correct size.

Step 3

Replace the existing glass in the frame with the anti-glare glass you have purchased.