How to Install an Evenflo Gate

Evenflo baby gates provide a level of protection to mobile babies and toddlers. Baby gates are not a substitute for supervision, but Evenflo gates can keep your child corralled in a safe room within eyesight while you complete necessary chores. Evenflo pressure-mounted gates are easy to install and use, but do not place them at the top of stairs because enough pressure can jar them loose.

Step 1

Measure the opening where you want to place the Evenflo gate. An Evenflo pressure-mounted gate will work for an opening between 26 and 42 inches wide.

Step 2

Pull the cross bar up on the Evenflo gate so that the small metal sizing bar is movable.

Step 3

Place the metal sizing bar into the slot that matches the measurement of your opening. If your opening is not a full inch, round up to the next full inch and place the sizing bar in this slot.

Step 4

Set the Evenflo gate in the opening with the cross bar facing away from where your child will be. Make sure the pressure points are above your baseboards.

Step 5

Press down on the crossbar until the metal U-shaped clamp catches the bar.

Step 6

Test the gate by gently pushing and pulling on it to insure it stays in place.