How to Drain Oil From Husqvarna Lawn Mower

Things You'll Need

  • Oil drain pan

  • Shop rag

Timely oil drains on a Husqvarna lawn mower helps extend the useful life of the mower.

Husqvarna lawn mowers with gasoline powered engines require an oil change once per season, or after each 25 hours of operation. The physical location of the motor on a Husqvarna push mower prevents the use of a traditional drain plug under the engine--the cutting deck and mower blade restrict access for a drain plug. However, draining the engine oil for replacement is, nonetheless, possible.

Step 1

Operate the Husqvarna push lawn mower until the engine runs out of gas. The lawn mower will tip on its side to drain the oil--if gasoline remains in the tank, a gasoline spill is likely.

Step 2

Remove the oil fill/check stick from the top of the engine. Wipe the excess oil from the stick with a shop rag and set it on a clean work surface.

Step 3

Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug by pulling it off by hand. Twist the plug wire away from the spark plug to prevent contact.

Step 4

Tip the lawn mower on its side with the oil fill hole positioned over the drain pan. Hold the mower in position until all of the oil drains from the engine and into the pan.

Step 5

Shake the mower back and forth to drain any oil that may be trapped in the engine. Do this until oil stops draining from the engine.

Step 6

Turn the Husqvarna lawn mower upright and re-install the spark plug wire by hand.

Step 7

Wipe any oil or fuel from the side of the mower that may have spilled onto the surface while draining the engine oil.


Drain the oil while it is warm and will drain more readily.


Immediately wipe up any oil or gas that spills directly onto the ground.